"King James ordered support for church hierarchies in KJV"

King James ordered support for church hierarchies in KJV

“Ranks” and “ordination” are concepts of Catholic origin. They have no basis in the Greek text of the New Testament. And still, for instance the King James version causes its readers to think that those things are biblical. The reason for this is that James the king wanted the Church of England to continue to be controlled by a hierarchical system of the Catholic type. Earlier, when that church was fully Catholic, things were more simple for those in power. Common people were not expected to read the Bible, and only a few had access to it. Also, it was Catholic tradition [doctrine] that counted [as more important] and not what the Bible said. But, by the beginning of the 1600s, even some “common” people were beginning to read the Bible. This could easily lead to problems for the king as well as for the religious system which he needed for staying in power.

It is said that James felt, “No bishop, no king.” In other words: If the king had in his control a level of “higher churchmen” who in their turn controlled the local priests and through them the common people, then the king was more likely remain in power.

So, he saw to it that support for “church hierarchy” of the old Catholic type was included in the “new” bible-edition which he ordered in 1604. – In that connection, he ordered “the old ecclesiastical words to be kept”. This meant that for instance such words as “bishop” and “church” were to be used, instead of properly translating the relevant words in the Greek text of the New Testament.

And, he saw to it that men of his liking had “high” positions in the Church of England. That was an “unholy alliance”: Those men helped James to stay in power, and he recompensed them for this. Some of those men were in the group that produced a new bible-edition for him.

Among the concepts that were included in James’ bible, were “ordination” and “offices” – a “spiritual hierarchy”. (Those things have no basis or support in the Greek text of the NT. The articles ie02.htm and me01.htm have more on that matter.)

Also: The KJV text causes its readers to think that elders in the saints’ fellowships “ruled” over the other saints. Wordings of that kind had been used already in earlier English translations, but in James’ bible, those things were made even more accentuated (emphasised). – The article ne04.htm takes a closer look at such passages as Hebrews 13:7 and 17 where a number of bible-translators have made it seem that the saints were “ruled” by elders.

(Saints: Here, that word refers to those who received the Holy Spirit in the first century.)

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