"Tithing - Low-Realm, Obsolete & Defunct"

This book is about much more than tithing or not tithing. It's about setting people free from a wrong, religious mindset so they can experience the reality of New Covenant life in Christ. It's about recovering a glorious spiritual inheritance that Christians have been defrauded of, exposing wrong doctrines that negate Christ's finished work on the cross. It's about living like a righteous, new-creation son of God, born again through spiritual union with Jesus Christ by his resurrection from the dead. This book is just a beginning. Tithing is just the tip of the iceberg of carnal mentalities that dominate most of Christianity.

I was taught to tithe as a child and did so for many years without question. It was never a problem to me, spiritually or financially. I thoroughly agreed with the teaching and wasn't looking for any reason to contradict it. However, after many years of seeking God and studying his word, I have come to see the doctrine of tithing, and all other financial giving as well, in a new light—the revelation of the mystery of being in Christ.

I have two objectives in writing this book. One is that Christians would wake up and realize that tithing is part of the old carnal religious way of life and put it aside to enter the New Covenant way of living. The New Testament's description for this way of living is, in Christ. Religious traditions that man has created are the biggest obstacle to the glorious life of God that we were created to enjoy. Tithing is one of those well-meaning-but-misguided traditions.

Another objective is to equip Christians with a solid scriptural foundation to answer the constant barrage of teaching that is promoting tithing and keeping the church in a low-realm, religious mode of living. The doctrine of tithing has been mindlessly taught and accepted for so long that some of the most outstanding Christian leaders do not recognize how it contradicts the very foundation of the gospel they are preaching.

This book may challenge some of your deepest beliefs. It may contradict your most esteemed spiritual leaders. But no brother or sister in Christ is being personally judged or attacked. I appreciate those who have given their lives in service to the Lord and his church. The Bible tells us to "esteem them very highly in love for their work's sake" (1 Thess. 5:13). However, their teachings are at all times to be examined in the light of scripture.
This book exposes the error of some very popular teachings but does not accuse those who are teaching them. No names are ever mentioned, but you may recognize some statements. There are many well-known ministers, whom I greatly respect, that I have to disagree with when it comes to the subject of tithing.

Paul the apostle said in 1 Corinthians chapter 13, “we know in part” and “we see through a glass, darkly;” therefore, we can never expect perfect doctrinal unity. However, we can pursue a better knowledge of the truth and we can extend the love of God to one another in the process. If we disagree, we can do so respectfully. Each person must walk with God in the best way they know.
I ask you to lay aside preconceived ideas and traditional thinking, and prayerfully consider the message of this book. Its purpose is to move the church toward the highest and best that God has provided in Christ. I pray that it will be the beginning of a spiritual revolution in your life.

Matthew E. Narramore

1Trojan Horse

The tithing doctrine contradicts the true message of life in Christ as a son of God and contributes to spiritual weakness in the church by holding it in a low spiritual realm.
2Before the Law: Abraham

The story of Abraham and Melchizedek has been taken out of context and distorted to create a doctrine that contradicts the New Covenant and promotes an inferior way of living.
3Before the Law: Jacob

The story of the tithe in Jacob's life is an example of ignorance, unbelief, and foolish bargaining with God. There is no reason for a believer in Jesus Christ to follow Jacob's example.
4During the Law

Much of the erroneous teaching on tithing reflects a misunderstanding of tithing during the Law. Even though people say that they are not preaching the Law, almost every scripture that is used to teach or promote tithing is from the Law or was speaking to people who were under the Law, not to the church.
5After the Law

Inadequate study of the Bible leads to the conclusion that tithing was after the Law and is still God's plan for us today. The glorious way of life that God has given the church through Jesus Christ exposes the tithing paradigm as being weak and beggarly in comparison.
6New Covenant Giving

The New Covenant paradigm for financial stewardship and giving is based on a completely different spiritual paradigm than the tithe and is far superior to it, just as the New Covenant in Jesus Christ is far superior to any previous relationship between God and man.
7Disinformation I

The church has been defrauded of its glorious spiritual inheritance in Christ by spiritual disinformation—wrong doctrine that destroys the power of Christ's work on the cross. Analysis and expose of wrong teachings such as:
  • The tithe is the Lord's.
  • If you don't tithe you are a God-robber.
  • A curse will come on you if you don't tithe.
  • We are commanded to prove God with the tithe.
  • Tithing rebukes the devourer.
  • The tithe is the connection to the covenant.
8Disinformation II

Analyzing and exposing more of the popular statements that are wrongly used to teach tithing to the church, such as:
  • Jesus tithed.
  • Jesus taught tithing.
  • The tithe redeems the other ninety-percent.
  • Tithing qualifies you as a steward to receive more from God.
9Disinformation III

More wrong teachings that are used to promote the doctrine of tithing, analyzed and exposed:
  • Tithing began in the garden of Eden.
  • When Jesus died on the cross, God was paying his tithe.
  • If you don't tithe, God will take that ten percent from you.
  • If everyone tithed, churches would have plenty of money.
  • Heaven will be shut up against you if you don't tithe.

The born-again man has been crucified, buried, resurrected, and seated with Christ at the Father's right hand. He has been made the righteousness of God in Christ and is spiritually designed for a different way of living than was known before the resurrection.
11Sons of God

In Christ, we are sons of God now. The Father's will is to bring us to the full spiritual stature of Jesus Christ. Tithing was ordained for people who had a different kind of relationship to God.

Tithing is not a neutral option. It's part of a low-realm, obsolete, and defunct religious mentality. It hinders the church by obscuring and negating the truth of what it means to be a son of God through spiritual union with Jesus Christ.


Hebrews 7

Hebrews chapter 7 does not teach or support the doctrine of tithing for the New Testament church. It has been misunderstood and misrepresented.

By: Matthew E. Narramore

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  1. I agree. Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to be born again spiritually. That born again spirit within us upon acceptance of Christ doesn't need rules and regulations on how to give : it receives it's marching orders through the unction of God's Holy Spirit. For many churches of man they cannot fathom allowing the Spirit of God within each person to direct their members in their giving by faith, that's to much of an uncertainty .That kind'a kicks in the pants " The just shall live by faith " To have people operate under a false sense of obligation that they should be obedient to tithing is a misinterpretation of scripture. To many of these religious establishments of men tithing of ones time doesn't satisfy "their" requirements either, that is above and beyond the required tithe.Jesus is the pattern for all things and was criticized by the religious leaders in many ways but even they never in scripture criticized or obligated Jesus to a monetary tithe. These false religious leaders of today are much more deceptive and sophisticated in pilfering the sheep using such deception as sowing a seed ( seed is money to them )in "their " ministry so that it can come back ten fold. We could go on and on about this nonsense but either you open yourself up and ask God for his truth or you let someone else interprete what they believe regarding "the tithe". blessing


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